Who We Are

Resource Center Opening 2017

We, the Creative Aging Advisory Committee, recognize that many of the key factors that influence a livable community are determined locally - in our case, within Lincoln County, New Mexico. Therefore we create opportunities to bring together decision makers and influencers across the public, private and volunteer sectors from across Lincoln County. We encourage these individuals to work in partnership with seniors, putting in place imaginative changes that will have real impact on the day-to-day lives of all of us as we age in our frontier community.


  1. HEALTH: Educate residents about the availability of quality healthcare and help them navigate the system to meet their health goals.
  2. HOUSING: Partner with realtors, contractors, private and govenmental organizations to facilitate refitting houses for older adults, as well as finding alternative affordable housing choices when needed.
  3. TRANSPORTATION: Have public transportation available to as many residents as possible as frequently as possible and as accessible as possible, in order to meet the many individual needs of residents whether it be health or social related.
  4. INVOLVEMENT: Encourage residents to be involved in educational, physical, social and governmental activities, helping all of us to build stronger communities of participation and collaboration, in order to increase engagement and personal growth.
  5. OPPORTUNITY: Make available financial planning, skill training, job counseling and networking possibilities, in order to increase choices for residents to become more financially independent.

HOW WE ACCOMPLISH THIS: Our vision is to create a lighthouse as a resource center staffed part-time by volunteers, where seniors from Lincoln County will come to talk about what they need to be able to improve their quality of life. They will receive information regarding: the availability of the health care they need; access to houses they could comfortably live in as they age; public transportation in their community; involvement of their choice in education, physical, social and governmental activities; and how they may be able to receive what financial information they needed to achieve greater financial security. We will broadcast our activities with information in the local newspapers, email sites, radio/social media.

WHERE WE DO THIS: ENMU-Ruidoso provides office space for Creative Aging. Staffed by volunteers on a part time basis, this space functions as an Aging Well Resource Center for our Lincoln County Community. Outreach efforts will be developed so that volunteers can meet with residents who cannot travel to ENMU, but who wish to have personal contact when making their decisions concerning the subject areas listed above. This Center at ENMU can be contacted through the central number at ENMU and, when not staffed, there will be a voice-mail alternative. Slowly and purposely this center will develop a solid network of information and a "where to go" aid that will benefit all of us. We believe that having a permanent base where this kind of help can be obtained ensures greater follow through and can build quality relationships and sustainability to achieve Creative Aging's goals.

HOW WE PAY FOR THIS: Creative Aging has obtained nonprofit status and has secured a fiscal agent which moves this committee into an organizational structure that can seek funding from private and governmental agencies. It is anticipated that a significant amount of time for Creative Aging volunteers will be spent in research, writing grants, fundraising and friend-raising.


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