Current Board of Directors

  1. CAAC is a non-profit organization, licensed in good standing as a non-profit corporation under the Secretary of State, New Mexico. #5253748
  2. CAAC's fiscal agent is subsumed under the New Mexico Community Foundation. For this contractual agreement, NMCF receives 10% of all funding obtained by CAAC's receiving of foundation grants.
  3. CAAC's office and resource center is in ENMU-Ruidoso. CAAC has a contractual agreement, a Memorandum of Understanding, with ENMU-Ruidoso, agreed upon by the Board of Trustees of ENMU.

Board of Directors for CAAC:

Chair: Clara Farah
Vice Chair: Cecile Kinnen
Secretary: Luddy Leong
Treasurer: Ralph Simmans
Director: Mike Budd
Director: Steve Duffy
Director: Coda Omness
Director: Ted Allen
Director: Paula Tipton
Director: David Tomlin